Community Closet Van

Current class will be providing a van for the Waukee Community Closet to pick up and deliver clothing in Dallas County


Community action Partnership which benefits our Police Officer, Firemen and First Responders

Waukee Veteran’s Memorial-

Downtown Waukee at the Waukee Community Center

Bike Ramps for Area Waukee Bike Trails-

All over walking and bike trails in Waukee

Easter/Spring Break Meals on Wheels for Waukee Families-

In conjunction with the Waukee Area Christian Services. Currently part of Change a Child’s Store

Celebrate Waukee-

Waukee community festival currently during the first weekend of June

Waukee Historical Society-

A 501c3 organization dedicated towards Waukee’s History. Annual Alice’s Spaghetti Land Supper Fundraiser every April

Downtown Waukee Triangle Signs

In conjunction with the City of Waukee, signs were put up around Waukee directing people to the Historic Downtown Triangle