A huge Thank You to the amazing Waukee Community! Thanks to your support we have a great start to our fundraising efforts for our Class of 2018 Project: Supporting Waukee Public Safety Families through Impact Iowa Initiative.

Special thanks Waukee Fire Department, and Waukee Police Department for your dedicated contestants ,and personnel present at the event, to Fareway for donating crackers and water, and a fun-filled thank you to Shepherds Inflatables, for bringing out the 17 foot tall fire truck slide!

1st Place – Justin Frederick (of the Waukee Fire Department) with his Flame Broil Chili – $65.00 was donated for his Chili

2nd Place – Adam Hilgenberg (of the Waukee Fire Department) with his Meaty, Sweet & Spicy Chili – $48.00 was donated for his Chili

3rd Place – Kathryn Guess (of the Waukee Police Department) with her Spicy Turkey Habanero Chili – $45.00 was donated for her Chili

The Waukee Leadership Institute learned about vital city functions during their March class. Mayor Bill Peard, Dan Dutcher, Tim Moerman, and Brad Deets discussed how the City of Waukee makes decisions that impact its citizens. Afterwards the class got to tour the Waukee Public Works facility. Special thanks to world class cook Terry Snyder for helping prepare the dinner for the class!

The Waukee Leadership Class had a discussion from Dr. Gary Rosberg from America’s Family Coaches and from Waukee Police Chief John Quinn. The discussion was on your personal leadership philosophy. The class was held at Waukee’s public safety facility which houses both the Waukee Police Department and the Waukee Fire Department. Special Thank You to Hy Vee for providing the meal.

Scott Raecker from the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center was the guest speaker for the December class. The class was centered around ethical leadership. The class discussed its class project and more information will be announced shortly. Special Thank you to Scott Raecker, Hy-Vee and Waukee CSD for helping with the December class.

The Waukee Leadership Class met at the Waukee YMCA in November. A great facility that provides a lot of benefits for the residence of Waukee. Eric Kress and company do a great job on behalf of the Waukee community. We discuss “Servant Leadership” and the discussion was led by Hope Pastor Mike Householder. A great message of servant leadership and how to impact people of the community when you lead like Jesus. Special Thank you to Waukee Hy Vee for providing the dinner, Eric Kress and the YMCA, and Pastor Mike Householder for sharing a powerful message.

The Waukee Leadership Institute Class of 2017-18 got kicked off on October 10th at the Waukee Community School District APEX Building. This is a great facility and everyone in the community should go and check it out. We are truly blessed to have such a great program and wonderful building. The class was facilitated by Kirk Johnson and Terry Hurlburt from the Waukee District Office. The discussion was on DiSC profiles.

The Waukee Leadership Institute is kicking off the fall with our Annual Fall Brew! This year it will be held at Broheim’s Golf and Pub at 53 Carefree Lane in Waukee, IA. The event will run from 4:30 to 7:30 and light appetizers will be provided. Come out and enjoy great conversation, and catch up with other Waukee Leadership Institute Alumni. Also, get a chance to meet this years class members and other prospective class members. Come on out and we hope to see you there!

Every year we are asked by prospective students, Why enroll in the Waukee Leadership Institute? It is a fair questions. My response to that question has always been the following:

“The Waukee Leadership Institute provides you with:”

– Incredible professional networking opportunities

– Exposure to all of Waukee’s public facilities and staff (mayor, administrator, etc.)

– DISC Profile – Included for free.

– Incredible speaker lineup

– Opportunity to learn about the city (future plans, what is in the works, etc.), get to know the city you live/work in

– Gain access/audience of high profile people within the City of Waukee

– Strengthen Leadership, Business Development, and Business Ethics skills

– An opportunity to learn the latest school projections, economic growth projections, and also future development plans

If you work or live in the City of Waukee, this is a must take class.  Not only as a business building and networking opportunity, but also as a personal development opportunity.

We hope you continue to take interest in being a part of this great Institute. We have over 150 alumni and have done over 10 different service projects within the greater Waukee community. Follow/Like us on Facebook to get up to date information on what this current class is doing.

This class helped me grow professionally and has help create life long bonds with great individuals within the greater Waukee area. We hope you will join us soon!


Tyler De Haan

Class of 2014

Former President of WLI Board of Directors